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What is 'Sportstainment?

How the fusion of sports and entertainment is driving golf industry growth.

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What is Sportstainment? We look at the trends in sports that make things more fun for fans.

"Sportstainment" refers to the fusion of sports and entertainment, creating an immersive experience for spectators. It's about more than just the game itself; it includes elements such as halftime shows, fan engagement activities, interactive experiences, and multimedia presentations.


In Sportstainment, the goal is to enhance the overall entertainment value of sporting events, attracting a wider audience beyond just sports enthusiasts. This trend has become increasingly prominent as sports organizations and teams seek to engage fans in new and innovative ways, ultimately driving higher attendance, viewership, and revenue.


Some popular elements of Sportstainment include:

·  Fan Engagement Activities: Teams and venues may offer various activities for fans to participate in, such as interactive games, contests, or meet-and-greets with players.

·  Multimedia Presentations: Big screens and other multimedia displays are used to enhance the viewing experience, showcasing highlights, statistics, trivia games and other relevant information throughout the event.

·  Interactive Experiences: Technology plays a significant role in Sportstainment, with features like augmented reality (AR) experiences, interactive displays, and social media integrations providing fans with unique ways to engage with the event.

·   Celebrity Involvement: Bringing in celebrities, influencers, or personalities from other industries into the games can add an extra layer of excitement and draw additional attention to the event.

The golf industry, more than any other, has pioneered Sportstainment and pushed the boundaries of fan engagement to help grow the game. In a recent article by Cartan Capital, a forward-thinking venture capital firm focused on the sports and health technology markets, they featured a number of golf companies leading the charge. In the article, they highlight Topgolf revolutionized Sportstainment by transforming the traditional driving range into a social destination. Their gamified approach and robust food and beverage service appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike, leading to over 80 locations globally. Securing a $100 million investment in 2016 and being acquired by Callaway Golf for $2 billion in 2021 highlight their value in the entertainment category. Competitors like Puttshack and Puttery focus on mini-golf with tech-driven experiences and upscale amenities, while newcomers like TMRW Sports aim for a more immersive golf experience with high-profile backing from golfing superstars like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. TGL, launching in January 2025, promises a technologically advanced golf experience supported by seasoned media executives and investors.


Overall, the key to successful Sportstainment lies in creating a dynamic and engaging fan experience that appeals to a broad audience while complementing the excitement of the sporting event itself. It’s only a matter of time before they all let us play for something, don’t you think?

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