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D3ST is a B2B sports tech development company that builds products that create more opportunity for players to engage, wager and play their favorite games.


Whether you're in the business of  golf, pickle ball, trivia, bowling or bass fishing, D3ST can help add wagering to your games and grow your revenue.

D3 Wagering Wallet

D3's API allows any app to add legal skill-based wagering with a proven solution.

With more than 2 years of development and successfully navigating the complicated compliance landscape, D3 offers partners a turn-key solution at a fraction of the cost and time.


Why D3?
– API ready
– Proven system
– Low cost and low  risk
- Fast implementation
– Legally compliant in 45 states
API available with Sandbox and Documentation.


A whole new way to engage fans and raise money for charities.

Celebrity Challenges

With the D3 Remote Play™ technology, we also provide a fan engagement platform that inspires celebrities to create a golf challenge of their own, inviting thousands of fans to play against them for the benefit of a charity.


This platform was designed to help brands, charities, and celebrities create a more meaningful interactions during an era when success is often measured by views and clicks. This innovative new platform is changing the way brands connect with their community.


The app that started it all.

D3 Golf App

The D3 Golf app lets golfers play side games like Skins or Nassau together – on the same course – or apart on different courses on different days. The app takes care of all the hard stuff like managing different players' indexes (GHIN), course slope ratings, and hole handicaps too. The app ensures that you get strokes (or pops) when you are playing someone with a lower handicap than you.


While you're playing, the app provides a hole-by-hole view to assist with shot distances. After each hole, simply input the players' scores to keep track of the game on your personalized leaderboard.


Once you finish your game, the app instantly settles the results and allocates winnings between players. These can be spent immediately at the course or saved in your D3 digital wallet for future matches.

Download at Apple App store or Google Play store.

Visit the website to learn more.


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For more information about D3 Sports Tech, the D3 Golf App, or having a Celebrity Challenge, contact the D3 team with the form here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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