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Top 10 Sports & Games that can use a Wagering Wallet

Friends at local bar during trivia night
Trivia night at the local pub is growing in popularity as social wagering becomes the norm
D3 Sports Tech is changing sports entertainment and engagement with its innovative digital wagering wallet. This cool new tech enables skills-based wagering across a wide range of sports beyond just fantasy leagues and pool. The wallet brings sports betting into the future with social wagering and payments.

Fans can use the D3 wallet to put their skills to the test and win cash in contests for these sports:


Test accuracy and shot skills in long drive and closest-to-pin challenges. Golf is perfect for skills gaming whether you are out on the course or using a Golf Simulator, at a modern swing suite, or putting venue.


Put your knowledge to the test in head-to-head and tournament trivia challenges. Use skills like speed, breadth of knowledge, strategy to dominate quizzes of all topics and win real cash. Enjoy Quiz Night at your popular local hangout.


Battle in popular competitive video games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. Let your gaming talents pay off!

eSport league competition
eSports teams and leagues could be the world's largest skills-based competition community.


Show your talents in this fast-growing paddle sport with skills contests in serving, volleys, dinks. The wallet lets you profit from your talents!


Show off spare and strike skills in single or team bowling contests with the wallet. Pick up your 7-10 splits for cash!


Anglers enter catch and release tournaments to win based on special skills like casting accuracy. Right in the fish's mouth!


With popular apps like Strava, Pelaton, and The Breakaway, why not challenge your friends to a little competition with something on the line?


Cash in on your throwing skills in digital wallet-powered contests and tournaments. Hit the bullseye from across the room!


The wallet lets pool sharks wager on trick shots and beat friends in virtual matchups. Bank it off the rail!

Table Tennis

Ping pong paddlers can bet skills on rallies, serve speed and accuracy competitions. Bring the heat on your forehand slam!

The D3 Wagering Wallet for Sports is the perfect tech engagement solution, allowing fans to socially wager their talents anytime, anywhere. Sports leagues and media partners can drive engagement through skills competitions using this innovative platform. Don't be surprised when skills gaming explodes thanks to D3's digital wallet!

D3's digital wallet enables skills-based wagering across numerous sports, letting fans bet on their talents and profit like the pros. Forget fantasy - reality sports skill gaming is the future.


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