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D3 Fans at Game Hands Up Blue

Welcome to D3 Sports Tech.

Delivering more exciting experiences to the games you play.

PRESS RELEASE:  Oneder Shot launches with D3 Sports Tech

Powering Social Wagering

Launch real money wagering within your app with the D3 Wallet.


Who loves our wagering wallet?

Sports Apps

Tournament, contest and game apps can drive new revenue and engagement with D3 products.  D3's API creates frictionless solutions within apps so players play more in your environment. 


Players can load their wallet in their favorite apps and wager a beer, a dollar or a dinner.  We know it’s not about the money, it’s about the connection and the rush of playing with friends.


Build your brand with our innovative platform that inspires players to redeem with sponsored products rather than cash out.  Driving value and engagement like never before.



D3 Sports Tech designs and develops software products for the sporting industry. Whether you're looking to increase engagement from your existing user base, or trying to develop new games that drive revenue, D3ST has a number of solutions that can help you achieve your goals.


– Sports Wagering Wallet

– Celebrity Challenge Platform

– D3 Golf App


About D3 Sports Tech

D3ST is a B2B sports tech development company that develops products that create more opportunities for players to engage, wager and play their favorite games.

Partner with us.

If you're interested in hearing more about our innovative technology and how we can help you achieve your goals, send us a message.

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