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The App that Started it all.

Back in 2018, we had this wild idea to create an app to manage a weekly game of Nassau between friends. Maybe someone was having trouble keeping track of scores, or maybe someone didn't always pay on time... that doesn't matter now but one way or another, we've come a long way.

The D3 Golf App is known to be the first app to create a digital wallet for skills wagering, and the ability to play against someone in a different state at different times. These two innovations have started a revolution in the gaming world, with ripples far beyond golf.

D3 Golf App

The D3 Golf app lets golfers play side games like Skins or Nassau together – on the same course – or apart on different courses on different days. The app takes care of all the hard stuff like managing different players' indexes (GHIN), course slope ratings, and hole handicaps too. The ensures that you get strokes (or pops) when you are playing someone with a lower handicap than you.

During game play, the app provides hole by hole course view to help with shot distances. After each hole, add the scores of each player on that hole and track game progress on your own leaderboard.

At the end of your game, the results are immediately reconciled by the app and winnings are distributed between players for spending immediately at the course, or saved in the digital wallet to use for your next match.

Download at Apple App store or Google Play store.

Visit the website to learn more.


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