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A whole new way to engage fans and raise money for charities.

Back in 2018, we had this wild idea to create an app to manage a weekly game of Nassau between friends. Maybe someone was having trouble keeping track of scores, or maybe someone didn't always pay on time... that doesn't matter now but one way or another, we've come a long way.

The D3 Golf App is known to be the first app to create a digital wallet for skills wagering, and the ability to play against someone in a different state at different times. These two innovations have started a revolution in the gaming world, with ripples far beyond golf.


Celebrity Challenges

With the D3 Remote Play™ technology, we also developed a fan engagement platform that inspires celebrities to create a golf challenge of their own, inviting millions of fans to play against them for the benefit of a charity.


This platform was design to help brands, charities, and celebrities create a more meaningful interaction during an era when success is often measured by views and clicks. This innovative platform is changing the way brands connect with their community.


D3 Game Creation Engine

The original D3 Game Creation Engine was developed in 2018 to guide the creation of the D3 Golf App. The Patent Pending GCE is designed to empower brands to create legal game play with smart contracts, ID verification, geo-location compliance, blockchain technology, and settling wagers with the D3ST Wagering Wallet.


Whether you just need a digital wallet for legal game wagering, or a complete platform to help create P2P games with wagering, we’ve got the technology and proven team to support your goals.

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